Short Paragraph on Milk

Short Paragraph on Milk

Most of the milk we drink is cow’s milk, a true food. Buffalo’s milk is rich. Goat’s milk is bitter. In some countries men drink camel’s milk, asses and mares too.

Cow’s milk is the best. It is a perfect food.

Animals that give milk to their young ones are called mammals. Babies and young children live on this ideal food.

It is the best kind of food to the sick people. It is taken in tea and coffee. Milk is a good food and we get butter, ghee and cheese from it.

Milk is used in making puddings, custard and other various sweets. Milk can be turned into curd by certain acid. Curd is eaten largely in India. It is called junket in England. Every person should see to it that the pots and pans by which milk is supplied are properly and perfectly cleaned.

A cow may have a disease in its body; to drink milk of such a cow is dangerous. They must be kept in clean place and properly fed.

– Paridhi Khanna