Essay on an Ideal Student

Essay on Ideal Student

An ideal student is he who is ideal in every respect. He is an intelligent and studious, a good sportsperson, a respectful pupil, an obedient son/daughter and a noble friend. An ideal student is better than hundred idle ones. They are the pride of the school or college and joy and hope of their family. It is not easy to be an ideal student.

There are fifty students in my class. But Ramesh is the best of all. He has those qualities which only ideal students have. He is a very brilliant boy. Reading is his hobby. Obedience to elders is his religion. He is a well-behaved and polite boy. He is the shining star of our school. Both the teachers and the students love him dearly.

He belongs to a rich family, but he is not proud. His dress is always simple and neat. He enjoys a sound health. His manners are very pleasing. He is always smiling and cheerful. He has a spirit of social service. He has won several medals for social service work. He is the life and soul of our school. Let us try to becomes an ideal student as he is.

As an ideal student, he is regular in everything that he does. He gets up early in the morning and goes out for a walk. He takes exercise and offers prayer to God. He obeys his parents and does not give them any reason for complaint. He does not fall out with his brothers, sister or neighbours. He is regular like a clock in his studies. He does not waste even a single minute in idle gossips. He avoids the company of bad boys. He reads newspapers and has an up-to-date knowledge. His behaviour in the school or college is praise-worthy. He is most punctual and listens to his teachers attentively. He refuses to be a book-worm. He takes an active interest in most of the activities of his school. He knows the art of public speaking. He does not shirk games. To him, work is worship. He is an all rounder. He is in the good books of his teachers. He stands first in every examination and thus brings credit to his institution and parents.

An ideal student is a through gentleman and does not injure the feelings of anyone. He is sweet to talk to. He lends a helping hand to the poor and the needy. He leads a simple life and does not run after cut and fashion. He has no touch of pride about him. He does not like to show off his knowledge. He works hard and discipline is the breath of his life. He is young in age but old in wisdom. May he live long!

– Paridhi Khanna