Essay on Unification of India

Essay on Unification of India

Unification refers to the process of being united. After the slavery of centuries, India recently cast away its shackles of bondage.

Unity of mind and heart, irrespective of caste or creed, state or province, is necessary to strengthen the roots of freedom. In other words, emotional integration of the people is needed. For national unity, the Indians must work without any prejudice based upon different shades of beliefs and faiths.

Corruption, provincialism and private greed and selfishness eats away the vitality of a nation. It is seen that people always hanker after their own loaves and fishes even at the cost of national interests. They indulge in anti-national activities like smuggling, tax-evasions etc, and amass wealth. With the spade, they dig the grave of the nation. Every day, we hear of black-marketing, and other evils which are infecting the beauty and growth of the nation. How can there be national integration when a few feed themselves fat and others starve to be reduced to skeletons.

For national integration, every Indian must believe in the religion of National Uplift. A country as a single unit can always face internal and external dangers but a disintegrated country will crumble like a house of cards.

India must promote equality if she wants to remain united. Difference and disparity between the rich and the poor breeds’ hatred and ultimately chaos is the result. The rich should not be stingy and the poor must always try to improve their lot. National integration is the soul of a country. Without it, no country can progress freely or remain free. People must put their heads and hands together to maintain the unity of the country.

– Paridhi Khanna