Short Paragraph on Advantages of Village Life

Short Paragraph on Advantages of Village Life

Life in a village is a life of peace and simplicity. The din and bustle, the hurry and the scurry of town life are absent here. People here live in the lap of nature.

The villagers enjoy the beauty of the bright sun, the lovely moon and stars, the sweet songs of birds and the delightful fields and gardens with their fruits and flowers. Children can play in the open fields, swim in the river or ponds and climb trees.

Villagers go to bed early and rise early in the morning with the welcoming song of birds. They see the beauty of the sun rising from below the horizon in the morning and going down in the evening. In a village the air is fresh and free from smoke which is the curse of city life. A sweet tune hovers the air. The blue and open sky is another attraction of village life.

The villagers can keep a good health with green and fresh vegetables in a free environment.

– Ajay Soni