Short Paragraph on Colour Festival (Holi)

Short Paragraph on Colour Festival

Colour Festival (also Holi Festival) is one of the most interesting festival of the Hindus in India. It is also known as Doljatra in West Bengal. It is celebrated all over India on the full moon day usually in the Bengali month of Falgun.

The Holi festival is associated with the ‘Lila’ (human activities) of Lord Krishna in Brindaban. With the return of spring, Sri Krishna with his cowboy companions and Sri Radha with her girl friends felt much elated with joy. They spent the day of the full moon in merry making and spraying Abir and colour on one another. Since then the festival has been celebrated.

On the day of Holi Festival the children rejoice by sprinkling coloured waters on one another. Bands of young men and women take buckets of coloured water and sprayers of different shapes and sizes and come out on the streets. They invade the houses of their friends and relatives to wet them with coloured water and red power (abir). They abandon themselves to the hilarity of joy and mirth of colour and fragrance.

The Holi festival may be rightly called the ‘Festival of Spring’ as it is held just with the advent of the spring.

– Ajay Soni