Short Paragraph on Education through Mother Tongue

Short Paragraph on Education through Mother Tongue

The medium of education at all stages should be the mother tongue. The cultivation of the mother tongue has been seriously neglected by the imposition of English on us. It has put a severe strain upon the students, especially in villages.

It is a fact that students can easily learn a lesson delivered in the vernacular and also express it more clearly in it, when learnt. For most of the students it is very difficult to tackle a foreign language.

If the education instruction is given through a foreign language, the burden becomes too heavy for young learners. They cannot understand the subjects properly and their power of thinking is crippled. The loss of time and energy also proves appalling in the long run. Teaching through the vernacular on the other hand quickens the students’ imagination and develops the power of original thinking.

Moreover, severe training in the mother tongue is not a rival but the necessary preliminary to training in the use of English. To quote Rabindranath, “In education, mother tongue is like the mother’s milk”.

– Ajay Soni