Essay on Autobiography of a Coin

Autobiography of a Coin

I am very old coin and have been in circulation of many years. When I was issued from the mint, I was very bright and fresh. My active life began when I fell into the hands of a gentleman along with other new coins from the counter of a bank. We all were very happy and caressing each other in the purse of the gentleman.

But I was not there for a long time. I was given to a poor barber and he kept me in his box with many other coins. The barber was a great lover of beauty. So he was greatly attracted by my beauty. He often looked at me and fondled me. I stayed with him for a long time. But then came a time when he was forced to give me to a shopkeeper to buy some rice. I was also very much hurt to be separated from the man who loved me so dearly.

Then a customer got me from the shop and on his way home, I was dropped from his hand. Nobody saw me there and I was trodden by many pedestrians. Ultimately a beggar found me to his great pleasure. He was very hungry. So, very soon he gave me to a shop to get his food.

Thus, I have been changing places and persons for a fairly long time. I am now very old and have lost my shine and brightness considerably. The lettering and the Lion’s head have much faded. But I have not yet lost my value.

By Amit Agarwal