Importance of Sports in School Curriculum

Sports in School Curriculum

As they say, “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. So, Sports are a very essential part of a School Curriculum. They help in the all-round development of the students.

Sports are held once a year generally in the month of January or February. Students wait eagerly all throughout the year for this annual sports meet.

The School sports take place on the school play-ground. They include different sports events like jumps, races, throws and so on. Students, who are good at athletics, take part in the sports. They are divided into different age-groups. Before the final round, feats are held in order to reduce the number of the participants.

On the day when the sports are held, the playground is nicely decorated and also marked out for the events. The spectators encourage the participants. The successful candidates are cheered up by all as they stand on the victory-stand. Events like musical chairs, teachers’ race, tug-of-war between teachers and the taught and go-as-you-like are most interesting. Teachers conduct the sports.

An eminent person generally gives away the prizes among the winners. Those who cannot succeed, take their failure in a sportsman like spirit and start preparation for success in the next meet.

By Amit Agarwal