Short Essay on Autobiography of a Road

Autobiography of a Road

My name is Grand Trunk Road. I am popularly known as G.T. Road. I was born hundreds of years ago when Sher Shah was the emperor. I am now a metallic road but I started my career as an unmetalled one. My body is very long and it runs through so many states of the country. I go through fields and gardens, towns and villages. Every year I am flooded by so many rivers and the flood water washes away the pitch on my body. Countless holes are created on my body. Then they are repaired.

I am very busy road. Buses, trucks and other vehicles run on me all through the day. Pedestrians also walk along me. In my long life, I have been a witness to many happy and sad incidents. I have seen great rulers like Sher Shah and Akbar walking along me. Many funeral processions pass along me. Sometimes, crimes are committed and accidents occur on me. Then I feel very sad but I am very helpless.

By Amit Agarwal