Short Essay on Autobiography of a Watch

Autobiography of a Watch

I am a wrist watch. My name is Kohinoor HMT wrist watch. I was born at Bangalore ten years ago. I was brought to Calcutta and bought by college student. He used to take care of me very well. I helped him in his studies giving him correct time. He was appointed a teacher in a school. He had to travel in crowded buses to reach his school. One day I was stolen from such a crowded bus by a young man. He did not use me and one day sold me to watch repairer who repaired me and I became very glossy. I looked like a new watch.

An old man bought me from the watch repairer to present me to his grandson on his birth-day. The young man became very happy to have me. So many people saw and praised me very much. Then I became very proud. He often fondled me. I am doing my duty to-day also. Sometimes, I become tried and ultimately stop. Whenever, I am wound up, I start my work again with renewed energy and enthusiasm. However, I am now very old and do not know how long I will have to work this way.

By Amit Agarwal