Essay on Christmas Celebration in India

Essay on Christmas Celebration in India

Christmas is a holy festival of the Christians. Every year, it comes off on 25th of December. It is celebrated all over the world with great pomp and show, zeal and gusto.

Christmas is a yearly celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Many myths and legends are connected with Christmas. It is said that certain stars appeared in the sky when Christ was born in a manger. Certain wise men of the East, called the Magi, noticed the stars and came to know that Christ was born. They followed the direction of the Stars and came to the place where Christ was born. They brought with them whatever humble gifts they could afford. Thus, started the practice of giving Christmas gifts.

According to another legend God sent His son into the world when vice was prevailing and virtue was declining in the world. The Holy Ghost came to Virgin Mary in a dream. She got conceived and ultimately gave birth to Jesus Christ. Thus Christ is believed to be the son of God who came into the world to relieve mankind of sin and suffering. He took the sins of humanity on his shoulders and died on the cross. He showed the way of love and forgiveness and opened to mankind the doors of heaven.

Christmas is celebrated to commemorate the life, teachings and miracles of Christ. He gave to the world a message of love and kindness. He is remembered as the gentle Lamb of God. He was an opposite of peace. He wanted to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. He hated sin, but not the sinner. He loved those who hated and persecuted him. “Love your neighbour as thyself,” is his famous saying. “Blessed are they at hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.” But righteousness alone is not enough. The bread of justice must be seasoned with the manna of mercy.” “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.” Love is the sum and substance of Christ’s teachings. “Ye love one another.” He was a staunch believer in the brotherhood of men and fatherhood of God. He taught us to love even our enemies, for an enemy is a man with a wounded soul. “Pray for them that persecute you.” says Christ. He practiced what he preached. His persecutors crucified him, but he forgave them and prayed for them on the cross, “O Lord, give them light. They know not what they do.”

On the Christmas day, the life and miracles of Christ are dramatized. He possessed divine powers. He was seen walking on the sea. He could command the windy waves. He healed the sick and the ailing. He could cure terrible diseases like leprosy. He performed many miracles and saved the lives of many people. For this reason, he is called the Messiah or the savior.

Jesus Christ was a great lover of children. He pinned all his hopes on them. He could not think of the Kingdom of Heaven without them. The children understood him. To them, there was nothing strange or impossible in his fascinating stories about the new Kingdom. Wherever he went, they flocked about him and asked him to play with them. The arrival of Jesus was always a holiday for the children. They were ready to follow him to the ends of the earth. He believed that the wisdom of God is revealed unto the babies. The children listened to his stories with wonder in their eyes and excitement in their faces. He felt sure that these children would help him in building a new heaven on earth.

Christmas is the Diwali of the Christians. It is celebrated with great gaiety and mirth. It is an occasion for festivity and merry-making. Greeting cards are sent, gifts are exchanged and prayers are offered in Churches. It has a special fascination for children. Christmas trees are set up and toys, balloons and sweets are hung by their branches. There is illumination at night. Sweets are hidden under the pillows of children. When children find those gifts in the morning, they believe that Christmas Father has brought them. Houses, shops, churches and schools are white-washed and tastefully decorated. Christmas brings a new hope and joy to the young and the old. Christmas celebrations continue up to the New Year day. In India, all communities join the Christians in celebrating Christmas.

– Paridhi Khanna