Short Paragraph on the Importance of Milk

Importance of Milk

Milk is a very nutritious food. It is a liquid and white in colour. Milk tastes sweet and can be easily digested. It is an ideal food for all. Many old, the sick and children cannot live without milk. We generally get milk from our domestic animals like cows, buffaloes. Cow milk is best in quality. So, it is liked by everybody. New-borns get milk from their mothers’ breasts. This milk is most useful for the proper mental and physical growth of the child. There is another kind of milk called powder-milk. It can be preserved for a long time. But this milk is not as good as the natural milk.

We prepare various sorts of sweets and many other delicious food items from milk. Milk has many by-products. Curd and cheese are made from it. We also get ghee and butter from the cream of milk. Thus, milk is a very useful food.

By Amit Agarwal