Paragraph on a trip to Rajghat (Gandhi Memorial)

A trip to Rajghat (Gandhi Memorial)

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, died and he was cremated at Rajghat. It is situated on the right bank of the Yamuna River in New Delhi. This is the most famous place of pilgrimage where the foreign dignitaries also visit, apart from the local visitors. It is one of the most famous places and was designed in a magnificent way and the structures built all around show that it is a memorable place.

Outside the Rajghat, we find enough space for parking vehicles and near the gate, we find a book-stall and all the books relate to the life of the great leader and his achievements. Books on the Gandhian Literature can be purchased from this place.

Mahatma Gandhi died on the 30th of January, 1948 and that’s a historic day for all of us when thousands of people visit this place to pay homage to the father of the Nation. Mahatma Gandhi preached Non-violence, but Nathu Ram Godse shot him dead. He became a martyr and his name lives to this day.

We reached the place where the Samadhi of the great martyr lies. We placed wreaths of flowers on it. Black stony slabs were used to make this Samadhi.

We wondered to find some of the Indian Ministers placing wreaths of flowers on the Samadhi. Some people were chanting hymns in praise of the Father of the Nation.

People stood for sometime in silence in memory of the great leader who had departed leaving behind his imprints on this age. His principles still guide us. We feel enchanted to think of Mahatma Gandhi. And many people have a doubt if such a great man could exist in the modern age having the great principles of truth and non-violence.

We started back home after an hour. It was a visit that still remains fresh in our memory. Mahatma Gandhi is no more, yet his principles still guide us.

– Paridhi Khanna