Short Paragraph on Drug Addiction

Short Paragraph on Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction is one of the serious problems of the present times. The narcotics like heroin, hashish, and brown-sugar are commonly called drugs and young men and women either take these drugs orally or inhale their smoke.

Sociologist says that drug-addiction is an addiction which has come to India and other oriental countries from the western-countries. The Indians are aping the west and becoming drug-addicts. In the modern society there are several family-problems. The lack of love and affection forces youths to get addicted to drugs. Sometimes the pressure of addicted friends tempts the youth to become an addict.

Psychologists say that drugs help the addict to escape from the strains and problems of the world. But they damage the nervous system tremendously and shatter the mental make-up of the addicts. It even causes death. Even if the addict gives up taking drugs suddenly he may die. So withdrawal must be done gradually.

Drug-addicts must be treated with love and kindness. The society should take strong measures to control the dishonest businessmen and drug-traffickers. There are laws of drug-control all over the world, yet drug-addiction is increasing gradually. What is needed an anti-drugs consciousness among the youth of the different countries.

– Paridhi Khanna