Short Paragraph on Tiger


The tiger is a very strong and ferocious animal. It looks like a large cat with a round head. The hair on its body is yellowish and marked with black stripes. The tiger has strong teeth, sharp claws in its powerful paws and a long tail.

The tiger is most beautiful-looking animals. Its beautiful colour and majestic manner of walking regularly draw hundreds of visitors near its cage in the zoo. But we are always afraid of it because it is very cruel and ferocious.

Tigers are generally found in most of the countries in Asia. But the famous Royal Bengal Tiger found in the Sunderbans of Bengal is the largest and most beautiful of all tigers.

It feeds on the flesh of animals. It kills big beasts like cow, deer, sheep and goat. There are also some tigers that prefer human flesh. They are called ‘man-eaters’. The tiger can swim, climb and jump well. It sleeps by day and hunts at night.

By Amit Agarwal