Short Paragraph on Illiteracy in India and its Solution

Illiteracy in India and its Solution

Illiteracy is a severe problem in India. it is the mother of all socio-economic problems in our country. Children coming from the poor families have to leave school at an early age because of their economic condition. Soon they forget what they have learnt. This causes wastage in education. The number of illiterate children increases. Moreover, the run-down school-houses in our villages and under-developed locality cannot cater to the needs of the children. The adults are illiterate too. Two out of every three women in India are illiterate. The population explosion in the country coupled with high rate of illiteracy is taking India to a very unhappy condition.


In India, the government has hiked up its resources for both formal and non-formal education to fight to problem of illiteracy. Adult literacy drives and literacy campaigns are being organized. The students should not sit idle. They must organize mass literacy drives and work with the motto, “Each one – teach one”.

– Paridhi Khanna