Short Paragraph on Rice Processing

Steps for Rice Processing

The process by which the farmers get rice from the paddy plant is quite elaborate.

  • At first the stalks of the paddy plant are cut and tiesd in bundles.
  • The bundles are then taken to the farm-house.
  • There the stalks are threshed to separate the grain from the stalk.
  • The grains are collected and after that they are spread on the ground to blow away the dust, the grains are stored in granaries.
  • They are next taken out, winnowed and boiled till the water dries.
  • After that the dried grains are soaked in water in mud containers and left overnight.
  • In the morning the grains are transferred to bamboo baskets and the water is drained.
  • Then the grains are boiled once again, dried a second time and spread on the ground before being put on the dheki.
  • The husks are separated from the grain in the dheki and finally the rice is winnowed again and again to blow away the husks.

– Paridhi Khanna