Short Paragraph on The Indian Botanical Garden

The Indian Botanical Garden

The Indian botanical Garden at Sibpur, Howrah was established on 6th July, 1787 by Lt. Colonel Robert Kyd. It was originally called the Royal Botanic Garden. The garden, only of its kind in the country, has the largest collection of growing plants in Asia. There are more than 12,000 standing trees in the 273 acres of land. Among the trees, the cinchona, the mango and the banyan together with the mahogany and teak deserve special mention. Among the smaller plants in the garden there are varieties of flowering plants like the orchid and food plants.

The special attractions of the botanical garden are the two hundred year old banyan tree, the medicinal plant garden or the Charak Udyan and the Herbarium containing 1.3 million botanical specimens. At present, though the Botanical Garden entertains millions of tourists with its beauty and variety, its main objective is scientific research and development. In the past, however, the garden was used to produce subsidiary food, to serve commercial purposes and to be a source of wealth for the East India Company.

– Paridhi Khanna