Short Paragraph on A Railway Platform

A Railway Platform

Railway platforms in larger stations are extremely interesting places. A visit to such platforms is an education in itself. They are always filled with waiting passengers. The moment one enters such a platform one is struck by the hubbub of sounds, the bustle and the excitement of the crowds. Peoples of different nationalities and creeds meet here. Thus it tends to do away with the exclusiveness of caste and promote the doctrine of the equality of mankind.

Everyone on the railway platform seems to be in a desperate hurry. Hardly anybody is in a normal state of mind. Some arrive too early and impatiently fret at the waste of time involved in waiting for the train. Others are seen hurrying to leave the platform and are in a state of various terrified apprehensions. Mothers gather their children about them like hens with their chickens. Only the railway staffs go about their work in a calm and quiet manner.

When the train arrives there is hurrying to and fro of the passengers and coolies and hawkers. The time for the departure draws nearer. Guards shout and blow their whistles. Those on the platform exhort those in the train to write to them. At last the train leaves the railway station in a cloud of steam. Those left behind turn and walk away into the world again.

– Ajay Soni