Short Paragraph on A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day

A rainy day is a day of both pleasure and pain. It is a day of trouble and annoyance to the office going people. The roads and streets in some towns and cities get flooded. The traffic has to stop for hours together. The office-goers have to suffer from various inconveniences. The pedestrians with umbrellas or waterproofs are seen trudging along the muddy streets.

But for the school going children, it is a delight to have a rainy day. If it rains heavily before school time they get a holiday. Such a holiday means a lucky gain to them. The peasantry welcomes the rainy day; for it helps them to resume the labors that the delay of the rain had interrupted.

A Rainy Day brings both joy and problems at the same time. When it rains too heavy, the roads are flooded as the drains cannot carry such a large volume of water. We can see cars, buses, scooters and taxies are stranded in knee deep or more water in some areas due to water logging. After the water has receded people in good number come out of the place where they took shelter during the rain, now rushing towards their home, some for buses and taxies which have started playing in the roads.

After the rain, the trees look fresh and green. Birds are chirping happily in the trees. Every pit and pond is full to the brim. The shops are now seen open and the normal work starts. Reaching home after the rain every man feel refreshed both in mind and body.

– Ajay Soni