Short Paragraph on Damages caused by Flood

Damages caused by Flood

Floods cause a great loss of life. The rivers overflow the banks and great damage results.

  • Floods carry away men and animals.
  • It turns agricultural fields and even villages into vast sheets of water.
  • Trees are uprooted.
  • Crops are washed away.
  • Cottages are leveled to the ground.
  • All living creatures except fish are drowned.
  • Corpses and carcasses float away on water. Telegraph wires are torn asunder.
  • There is “water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink”.
  • The polluted water men drink adds to their misery, for, epidemics soon break out in the affected areas.
  • Cholera, typhoid and dysentery make their appearance when water subsides.

In short, a flood in the countryside leaves its victims poor and helpless beyond description.

– Ajay Soni