Short Paragraph on A Temple

A Temple

A temple is the center of religious activities of the Hindus. There is all the time a crowded place and bell starts ringing from early morning as the priests start chanting of mantras as the sun rise. Men and women start pouring into temple and make their offerings of flowers, fruits, sweets and milk.

One such temple is the Kali Temple of Kalighat in Calcutta. People from various parts of the country come and visit the temple. Some sing devotional songs and some meditate by sitting in front of the Goddess Deity Kali. On some particular festival days the temple remains overcrowded and a lot of activities can be seen. The temple is illuminated with lights. Devotees come in crowd and the priests are seen busy. Religious discourses also take place and many scholars come to grace the occasion.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays special offers are being made. During examination days, students also come in large numbers, and bow in reverence before the goddess Kali, and pray for their success. There is a commotion all round the temple on such days. After all, the entire temple is sacred and holy place for a Hindu and one feels conscious of the presence of Goddess Kali.