Short Paragraph on Fair

Fairs are common in India. Fairs are generally held to celebrate important festivals. The Charak, Gajan, Sivaratri, Rather, Baisakhi, Rash, Jhulan melas and many others of many places are famous. The Vasanta mela marks the end of the winter and advent of the spring.

The fairs are always occasion for amusement and merry making. Young and old men and women, boy and girls are all in high spirit. They go to these fairs in large numbers. They dress themselves in colourful clothes that look happy and gay. In the fair there is life and activity. The shop keepers from distant places come with their selling materials. There are shops of sweets, confectioners, grosser, dresses, and pictures, fishing nets, weavers’ clothes, toys and dolls. There are magic shows and musical stages with dancers.

The villagers can make their purchases from here even not going to the towns. They roam and purchase many things. They enjoy circus and nagardola to their heart’s content. This gives them immense pleasure in their monotonous life full of constant labor.

In spite of gaiety and pleasant atmosphere all around the fair, the afterwards result of the fair is not always good. It keeps the general health in danger due to the wastage left for some days. The general atmosphere becomes polluted and diseases like dysentery, cholera etc. may outbreak in such areas.

– Ajay Soni