Short Paragraph on Market

A market is a place where hundreds of people gather from different places to sell and buy goods. In a market, there are a few covered shops and some open air shops in the streets. The shop keepers sit inside the small hut with their goods for sale. People from nearby villages gather and come to make purchases.

There are various kinds of shops such as sweet-meat, fruit shops etc. the tailors shop, brass workers, vegetable shops, silversmiths, fish and meat shops. The market remains crowded with people. There is shouting, talking and commotion all along. The market area is dusty and in the rainy season becomes muddy and slushy. There are tea stalls, peddlers with their wares on the footpath. The price also varies from customer to customer.

In a village, people come with bamboo basket, potters with their things, wooden chairs, tables, etc. They are carried from their home to the market on boats though the river. The market sits either on morning or in the evening. People who come from distant places go early before it is dusk. It closes before nine in the case of villages and up to eleven in the towns.

– Ajay Soni