Short Paragraph on The Muharram

The Muharram

The Muharram is the greatest festival of the Mohammedans. The Siya section of the Muslims generally performs this occasion. Actually this is an occasion of grief and mourning. It is performed to commemorate the tragic death of Hazarat Imam Hussain at the battle field of Karbala in Aram. This is observed for ten days.

In this connection a procession is taken out with decorated Tajiyas along with drums and bands which play war tunes, torches are lit and various kinds of stick plays are displayed. On the ninth day, a tajiya, an imitation of the grave of Hazarat Imam Hussain is also brought out and the fanatic Orthodox Muslims slap on their breast by saying Ha Hussain Ha Hussain. The next day the tajiya is immersed. On this occasion a fair also held. People from all walks of life pay gifts to the poor and distressed. They pay their heartfelt homage to Hazarat Imam Hussain.

– Ajay Soni