Short Paragraph on Tea

Tea plant is a low green bush.  It first came from China and then to India long ago. Tea is the dried leaves of the plant. The leaves are gathered by the workers from the bushes four times a year. These leaves are then dried first in the sun. Next they are rolled and roasted in iron pots and dried again over charcoal fires. In this process the leaves have become black. Afterwards they are broken up into small pieces and powders.

Tea is prepared for drinking by pouring water over a pot covered with a lid. After some time the water becomes brown and tea is ready to drink. The Indians take tea with milk and sugar. The Russians mix lemon juice. The English and the Chinese drink it neat.

Tea is a soothing and harmless drink. It is a pleasant drink and refreshes us when we are tired and thirsty. It must not be drunk too often and too much. With only some lemon juice added to tea makes a nice cool drink in summer. Tea does not give nourishment as rice and milk do. It stimulates the body and quickens it. Tea is grown in China, India, Japan Srilanka and Egypt.

By Ajay Soni