Short Paragraph on The Diwali (Hindu Festival)

The Diwali

Like Durga Puja, Diwali is also one of the greatest festivals of Hindus, generally performed in the month of October-November. It is said that Rama Chandra returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile on this day. The people were happy and joyful so they decorated the houses with lights out of joy. This illumination is known as Diwali.

It also marks the advent of the winter season. Some people clean their houses and make white wash. During this day shops are crowded with large number of customers. There is a great demand for toys, candles, crackers; some illuminate their house with earthen lamps, wax candles and electric coloured lights. There are rows and rows of lights in every house. All night people worship Goddess Kali and some Lakshmi, goddess of wealth. They pray for prosperity and happiness. Sweets are distributed after the puja and gifts are exchanged in some places.

In some parts of the country shop keepers begin their new financial year and close the old. It is virtually a festival of joy and merry making. In the streets of the city there are continuous fireworks, squibs and crackers. There is an atmosphere of gaiety and cheerfulness. But some evil custom is prevailing today. Drinking and gambling is a must on the night which must be done away with.

– Ajay Soni