Short Paragraph on The Rainy Season

The rainy season comes after the summer. The months of Ashadh-Shravan i.e. June to August is the rainy season. In this season the sky remains cloudy. Sometimes there is lightning and thunders-storm. It drizzles and rains cats and dogs for some hours. It becomes very difficult to go from one place to another. The communication systems are damaged badly.

In this season the rivers, canals, tanks and other low land are full of water. The rivers go in spate and over-flood its bank causing havoc to the low lying villages. This causes much inconvenience to the people and they become homeless and take with their family members to nearby high places. After flood effects are much as epidemic starts. Markets cannot sit at regular intervals. The food stuff becomes dearth. The poor homeless people cannot buy food for want of money. Fuel also becomes scarce.  The venomenous snakes, mosquitoes, flies, frogs and insects causes’ trouble. The roads become muddy and slushy.

In this season the fields take a new look and the fields are full of flowers and fruits.  It is the time for the cultivators to plough their lands and sow the seeds. The main crop rice is sown in this season apart from jute. Vegetables, pine apples, guava, jam are available in plenty.

In spite of these difficulties the rainy season brings happiness to the minds of the people of the villages particularly the farmers.

By Ajay Soni