Short Paragraph on The Spring Season

Spring Season is called the King of the seasons. The month of Phalgun – Chaitra corresponding to March to May are spring season. The cold wave is lessened and heat spells on earth slowly. The sky remains clear, clean and cloudless. The rivers, canals and ponds become dry.

With the advent of the spring season, the nature takes a new look. The trees which wore leafless are now full of leaves. In the garden blossoms floam boyant (Ashoke), with jesmines, red flower, palash, silk cotton flower, etc. delighted with their fragrance. The nature becomes beautiful, the cuckoo makes coo-coo tunes and the bees buzz from flower to flower. The southern wind blows over the green fields. The mango trees become budded with flower. In this season festivals like Dol or Holi, Basanti Puja, Charak Puja, etc. take place. On the occasion of these festivals, fairs are held in many places. Spring season is the best of all the six seasons of the year.

By Ajay Soni