Short Paragraph on Tobacco

Tobacco is the dried leaves of the tobacco plant. Tobacco smoking is a common habit of men. Smoking has a very soothing effect on the mind. But it is injurious to health. Heavy smoking harms a lot. Tobacco is smoked in pipes, cigars, bidis and cigarettes. It is often smoked in India in Hookah.

The plant grows in hot countries. It is grown in America, the West Indies, Japan, the East Indies and India. The climate of England is not suitable for tobacco. Raw tobacco is taken to England to be manufactured. The green tobacco leaves are at first dried up and treated with chemicals and then cut by machines.

Tobacco was first brought to Europe about three hundred years ago, by Sir Walter Raleigh during Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Indian tobacco is of good taste but the American tobacco is the best. Tobacco contains a small amount of nicotine, a poison not good for health. It is better not to smoke and make a habit. Many young people think that there is some adventure in smoking, but it is better not to try this adventure.

– Ajay Soni