Short Biography of Satyajit Ray

Satyajit Ray

Satyajit Ray was born on the 2nd May, 1921. His father was Sukumar Ray, the great composer of verse. His grandfather was the well known writer, Upendra Kishore Ray Chowdhury. Satyajit Ray passed the Matriculation Examination from Ballygung Govt. High School and graduated from the University of Calcutta in 1940.

The first film of Satyajit Ray was “Pather Panchali”. This film made him famous not only in our own country but also in other parts of the world. His name was then on every lip. Since then, he successfully directed film like ‘Apur Sansar’. ‘Aparajita’, ‘Jalsaghar’, ‘Gupi Gyne Bagha Byne’ and many other films. These films won great awards for him. The greatest of all such awards was the ‘Oscar’ conferred upon him by the Academy of Motion Pictures of New York.

This great son of Bengal breathed his last on the 23rd April, 1992. His great films have made him immortal. His name and fame will never sink in to oblivion.

– Bipasha Mukherjee.