Short Paragraph on My Favorite Game

My Favorite Game – Cricket

Of all outdoor games, cricket attracts me most. It is my favorite game. I like to watch cricket match on T.V. I am also a member of my school cricket team.

India won the Prudential World Cup at Lords in 1983. It is a popular game in India.

Cricket is played in large oval ground. Two teams play the game. Each team has eleven players. Each team has a captain. After the toss, one team goes in to bat. The other team fields in turn. The batsman defends and attacks the deliveries of the bowlers. The team that score more runs are declared winners.

The game may be one-day match or five-day test match. The players need physical fitness to play all day long. Cricket develops the team spirit among the players. I like Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly most. They are the cricket stars of India.

– Bipasha Mukherjee.