Essay on Importance of Leisure

Essay on Importance of Leisure

Leisure is the spare time when one has nothing specific to do, no work to occupy his time and, hence, one is not in a hurry.

Leisure is important for every person. It gives him the respite from the monotony and drudgery of routine duties that occupy the greater part of our time. There is not even one among us who does not feel relaxed and happy on Sundays and holidays. When there is no compulsion, we are more free and less reluctant to use our time in accordance with our inclinations.

There are people who would like to idle away their time on holidays, for they find their leisure too short to be spent o anything more meaningful than yawning, dozing, enjoying siesta, gossiping and playing cards. This way they get only more bored and when they get back to their work they are anything but refreshed. There are still others who retire into a solitary nook and mope about brooding on their frustrating experiences or on the monotony of their routine work. This too is not the right way of using the leisure, for its aim is not to become willing prey to boredom. The importance of leisure lies in overcoming the sickening influences of boredom.

Often the students are found revising their lessons, the others looking through their office files at their leisure, for they think they should utilize their free time. The don’t understand the importance of leisure. It’s a pity they do not know what to do with their leisure. You should recharge yourself during the leisure time.

What then should one do at his leisure? It depends on the length of time. If the leisure is but of a few hours, or a day or two, it is not possible to make plans for spending it in some way or other. For example, we cannot think of using the leisure between evening when we get back home and the time when we usually go to bed. Even for Sundays we cannot make much of a plan, for the Mondays are always there staring us in the face.

We can think of going sight-seeing in the countryside. We should understand the importance of listening to the birds’ songs and lying down in the green field.

However, for a day or two it is difficult to find the patch of green where we can lie down under the caressing, cool shades of trees in the neighborhood. So it is better to stay where we are and to spend our day with the family and friends. We can even look beyond our cramped existence and organize community programs for amusements and entertainments.

But when we have real vacations we can plan our leisure more fruitfully. We can go holidaying and spend days together in the midst of nature – relaxing, enjoying and renewing our relationship with our estranged Mother. As there is little hurry, we can explore all the avenues of happiness and thus get away from the sickening worries of our everyday life. We can even choose to get ourselves involved in some rewarding pursuits, making life more meaningful. This way leisure can be used to leave us happier and richer, not only relaxed and refreshed.

– Banerjee.