Education of Women in India

The ability to think on a higher level is God’s boon to the human race. This ability has been refined by being able to read and write which is one great distinction between humans and beasts.

Equal opportunity for Education should be given to all without discrimination between men and women. The women in highly developed western countries are educated and treated more honorably than in under-developed countries.

In India, with its ancient heritage of civilization, women are mostly treated with respect, well fed, clothed and liberally decked with ornaments and trinkets, but there are areas where they are treated little better than bonded slaves. A wife in the family enjoys the status of an unpaid maid servant in such societies, especially as long as her mother-in-law is the boss. However these are a minority and although the women are generally burdened with the role of a housewife, still, they are not a complaining lot, quite contented and satisfied with that choice.

With the passage of time, Indian women are being encouraged in getting educated and have been able to reach the top echelons of bureaucracy as well as intellectual pursuit. But if the percentage is calculated, we still find the majority of our women-folk, especially in the rural areas, illiterate and ignorant. They are totally unaware of what goes on outside their own household, this when we have given them an equal status to vote and select our government.

Indian males have the orthodox idea that with the spread of education, their women would start abhorring domestic duties. This is totally baseless, on the contrary, the knowledge of hygiene and home science lead to better care of children and management of home affairs.

In several cases it has been found that the women are themselves disinterested in education which stands in the path of enlightenment. In some cases, we also find that education is hampered due to early marriage.

Women education should be encouraged. It is the mother who is responsible for the early training of her child. An uneducated women cannot become a good companion to an educated husband and spends most of the time trying out ornaments or meddle in affairs not her own. This is an additional waste.

Lack of education leads to petty mindedness and such women are generally quarrelsome. To overcome this, education is a must for them. Even adult education available today has helped such women to improve and advance ideals of social life in several ways.

A happy home is always one where our mothers and sisters are well educated. They are then able to converse on all topics and debate their pros and cons. The Indian administrators today, have woken up to these basic truths and are making efforts to remove all obstacles in the path of suitable reforms for female education. The pitfalls should be avoided like trying to blindly ape the west and their ideals or priorities.

A system of education, equal for all, should be evolved to suit the peculiar circumstances of Indian Society and bring them into the mainstream.

It will be a day to celebrate, when India can boast of attaining total literacy.

-Pankaj Kapoor