Essay on Grace of God is better than Wealth

The modren world going round on the axis of money power. It is wealth today which is more appealing than God because it is the only means today by which a person’s worth is recognized. We have all become so materialistic that spirituality holds no charm for most of us and we have nearly forgotten that all the wealth even a multi-millionaire possesses cannot buy him peace of mind unless he is blessed by God.

‘Grace of God’ may have been forsaken by most of us except a miniscule few who believe that it is only this Grace which will light up his life and make the present day world a more beautiful place to live in.

Grace of God is what really matters as it brings you the support of friends. Wealth is a phase which is very turbulent. There have been innumerable cases where extremely wealthy men and women have been reduced to penury. As long as they had wealth and could flaunt it, there were friends galore who were ready to do anything for him at any time of the day or night but the moment these so called friends found out that he had lost his wealth, they would vanish like the ‘Fog on Sunny day’.

Here we must define friends. Friends have been defined by the age old adage “A friends in need is a friend indeed”. The opportunists who leech onto a wealthy man are not friends, indeed they proclaim themselves as one but are really not what they profess. They are evil men who by their sycophancy tend to mislead others and usurp their wealth. They are never there by the Grace of God. It is only by this Grace that a person is fortunate to have good friends and advisors who will protect him and his belongings, at the time of adversity. They are really and truly, the wealth of a man and more important than material wealth.

Without the Grace of God, a person forgets his humility. He becomes proud, arrogant and a non-believer. He starts believing in his invincibility which results in evil deeds. He becomes a person who is not moved by the sorry of others and in fact instead of pitying they will try to take advantage of this situation. Our present day mafias are examples of this category. These evil men have reached the position of strength by hook or crook and believe in the power of wealth only. When they are jailed or removed from their position by the wrath of the befooled and swindled public, only then are they reminded of the Almighty and ask for his Grace. It is only then that they realize that all their ill begotten wealth is of no use and what is more powerful is the ‘Grace of God’.

We remember till today, men of eminence who have died long ago, because of their good deeds, all done by the ‘Grace of God’. The names of Swami Vivekananda, Gurunanak Dev and Gautama Buddha are in this level. They had all renounced the materialistic world in pursuit of spirituality and even after so much time has elapsed, we remember them as great men who tried to change the approach of humanity, by diverting and enhancing their level of thinking.

‘Grace of God’ is not limited to religious men only. There are others who may not be religious minded to that extent but their belief in “God and His Grace” are infallible. There have been God fearing men of eminence too. We remember our Father of Nation – the great Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He had served mankind all his life, believing it to be the command of the Almighty. He had never discriminated between castes, creed or religion. He did not discriminate between the rich and the poor and never considered any work below his dignity. His total faith in God and his Grace was proved by his love for fellow human beings.

Thus wealth is like the sand which a person tries to hold in his fist but runs through his fingers, whereas Grace of God is there with him for life. It is only due to His Blessings that a person can retain his dignity.

Thus, we have come to the conclusion that Grace of God is better than Wealth.

-Pankaj Kapoor.