Short Essay on Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution threats the existence of human life. Environment is the surroundings in which we live. It includes climate, soil, water, flora and fauna on which depends the human civilization. But the environment is constantly changing by man for his own needs through destroying forests, polluting air, water and soils. All these environmental problems are known as environmental pollution.

Pollution-free Environment

This is a sustainable environment in which man can continue to exist keeping his natural relations with other components of the environment.

Types of Pollution

There are three types of environmental pollution

  1. Land pollution,
  2. Water pollution and
  3. Air pollution.

Land Pollution

Definition: Land is a precious component of environment as we live on land. Most of human occupations like farming, mining, and industry develop on land. Depletion of the land is called land pollution.

Nature of land pollution: Land pollution includes loss of soil fertility, increase in acidity of the soil, erosion or removal of top soil etc.

Water Pollution

Definition: Pure water is rare in nature. Any man-made or natural change in the properties of water like physical, chemical and biological characteristics may adversely affect the utility of water. This is termed Water Pollution.

Nature of Water Pollution: Water may be polluted by sewage contamination, industrial wastes, and farm wastes and is harmful to natural habitat and to the wild life also. The water may be toxic to aquatic fauna when it is chlorinated or mixed with petroleum, arsenic etc.

Air Pollution

Definition: Air pollution is the mixing of some substances like green house gases, odor, vapor or carbon particles in air in such concentration as may badly affect man and his environment.

Nature of air pollution: Nature of air pollutants is of different types, namely admixture of pollutant gases and green house gases, ozone depletion, formation of smog, acid rain etc.

-Rahul Chopra.