Value of Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games are a necessity for maintaining good health. If taken in the right perspective, they are a source for exercise, recreation as well as adventure. Unfortunately, this fact is hardly realized by the majority in our country.

There are a variety of outdoor games to suit the taste and stamina of each and every individual. However, outdoor games can generally be named as Hockey, football, Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, etc., to name a few.

Indigenous outdoor games such as Kabaddi, Gulli-Danda, Kho-Kho etc. are also being revived and the first named has already been tried out in the Asian Games held in 1998 at Bangkok. They have been revived recently and were at the point of obscurity. They have been classified and are looked down upon to some extent by the urban population, as native games. However, in the rural areas, these native outdoor games still predominate, because they are quite in-expensive and suited to the robustness of our village brethren.

The value of outdoor games are varied and many. They are in the formation of character, creation of team spirit, the power of organization, self-sacrifice and self-respect.

  • The formations of characteristics like sportsmanship lead to a very healthy viewpoint of life where a person learns to take the wins and losses in the same spirit. Team spirit leads to the trait of bonhomie and a person learns to play for the benefit of the team. In a broader perspective he becomes a better person, who is not selfish and thinks about the society and his country as a whole.
  • The quality of organization leads to better management qualities and hones his abilities as a manager, be that for his home, his career or even his country.
  • The quality of self-sacrifice and his self-respect makes him a better husband, a better father and raises his status socially. All these combined together raises the level of his thinking a healthy mind and concept.

Outdoor games are particularly recommended for mental and sedentary workers, the latter specially need this sort of healthy exercise after spending day in and day out, sitting in their office chairs, doing jobs ranging from clerks to bureaucrats.

Schools boys do not need any incentive to play outdoor games, they simply love it, but we would advise others also to follow suit. In the Western Hemisphere, we find aged persons indulging in active physical games for the sake of health and recreation. This is why we are surprised to watch and hear about spritely old men and women who are still active and smart in their 80’s.

Our educational institutions should not neglect the importance of outdoor games – they should lay stress on allowing the boys and girls to choose whatever game they are inclined to. They should also make it compulsory for them to play outside during specified hours.

This would definitely lead to a healthy physique and would prove the statement that ‘Outdoor Games lead to a healthy mind in a healthy body’.

-Pankaj Kapoor.