Essay on Importance of Library

Importance of Library

Library is a great blessing. Library is said to be the storehouse of culture. The various books by the different authors and poets form a library. If a man is to be known by the company he keeps, a society is to be known by the number of good libraries it has. Man’s craving for knowledge is eternal. He wants to know more; he wants to enjoy more. But he cannot always move about for various reasons.

Library preserves various types of old and new books. There are also periodicals and daily papers to meet the demands of the people.

In all ages, libraries have been considered the best medium of public instructions. There are different types of libraries, such as private library is only for private use whereas public library is free to all public.

An academic library is an essential part of an educational institution. This type of library collects text books and reference books on different subjects to meet the needs of the students and teachers.

It plays an important role in schools, colleges and universities. The books are issued to the students in term of weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Generally a reading-room is attached to this library for reading. In a library we get books on different subjects. There are books on literature, on history, hygiene, science and arts.

So Carlyle has rightly said, ‘that a true university of our days is nothing but a collection of books’.

A library is essential to the cultural progress of a country. It helps the country to fight illiteracy. It is an aid to research work and teaching. It satisfies a thirst for education. It is a boon to the poor and the middle class people. A civilized man cannot do without the library.

Circulating libraries should be set up in rural areas to fight illiteracy. As libraries spread education, every village and town should a public library.

-Dipti Basu.