Short Essay on Importance of Indian Railways

Indian Railways

Introduction: Indian Railways has one of the largest networks in the world criss-crossing the nation from North to South and East to West.

This large network is supported by the Railway Stations which serve the dual purpose of providing tickets and allowing passengers to embark and board on the trains.

The process of trains coming and going or crossing the station is one which continues at all hours of the day and night. The result is that the staff keeps working in shifts round the clock.

Importance of Indian Railways

The communication network of Indian Railways, is in one manner the life line of the nation.

Reliable: Goods produced elsewhere, like vegetables and fruits not grown locally are made available through this reliable mode of transport.

Economical: This economical transport system enables the local growers to get adequate returns for the efforts from extended markets. Because the freight charges are very reasonable therefore the cost factor added to these produce for transport do not increase the cost beyond reasonable limits. The same may be considered for the produce grown in abundance locally.

Regular: We must also consider the fact that due to its regular services, the Railways play an important part in making available the products, even in places which are arid where the Railway Station is the unloading point.

Huge communication network: Manufactured goods from factories set up at huge costs at different places in the country are transported through railways. The goods are available even at the furthest point and remote sections due to this huge communication network.

Postal network: Communication is not limited to transport of goods only. The system also carried the post regularly and is a vital cog in the network of the Posts and Telegraph infrastructure of the country. Post Cards and letters sent to even, out of the way rural areas are made available through the Railway Stations. The trains drop the posts at the nearest station from where it is sorted and sent to their destination. It is a matter of vital importance that persons living at extreme points of the country are in touch with each others.

Preferred means of communication for rural people: The other major point is that in a large country like ours, people go thousands of miles away from their native village or town to get employment and earn their livelihood. Their only means of coming back during leave is the Railways. Imagine the times when there was no railways system, people used to travel by horses or bullock-carts. It took them several days and months to go from one place to another. Today it is just a matter of hours before they reach their station.

All the above points proves the importance of Indian railways.

-Dipti Basu.