Short Paragraph on Postman

A Postman is a person who delivers letters, parcels, etc. at our home and offices. He is familiar figure for every one of us. He goes around different places to deliver letters on the addresses mentioned on them.

People eagerly wait for the postman hoping that he may have brought letter of their dear ones.

Importance: He undoubtedly performs one of the most significant tasks for us.

  • A candidate may lose his job, if the appointment letters are not delivered on time.
  • A businessman may suffer losses if doesn’t get the letter containing orders of his products.

Difficulties: A postman works in difficult environment. During rainy season, we often see him wearing a rain-coat and getting back to work. Sometimes, he has to walk through muddy roads. During summer, he may wear sun-glasses to protect his eyes. All around the year, across all the seasons, he performs his duty without fail.

With the development of good roads in urban areas, the difficulties of the postman has reduces to certain extent.

Conclusion: The fact that a postman performs his duty with sincerity and responsibility makes him a deserving candidate for our respect.

By Inteam.