Short Paragraph on Television

Short Essay on Television

Television is a real wonder and one of the most important inventions of Modern Science. It is an important medium effectively shaping the destiny of the people.

Television with its imaginative programs can reach the people and make them see what is good for them and how they should attain the goal of prosperity.

Besides being a form of entertainment, television has a number of other uses. The medium of television has in the developed countries been very effective in bridging the gulf between different regions and in reaching the people.

The network of television is have significant influence on the life of common people. The television programs are found to be catering to the needs of a large section of the people. The vast majority living in the cities, towns and villages and those in the district towns are using Television. That makes it a symbol of status in the society.

Some television programs may have some educating values, but by and large these programs are stereotyped and the least imaginative, showing little interest in the process of regeneration.

India as a land of age-old poverty, ignorance and superstition. We need the medium of television to educate and organize the people into work forces with a view to ensuring their conscious participation in the planned development.


Short Paragraph on Hospital


A Hospital is a place where the sick and the injured are taken for treatment. The doctors and nurses are readily available there for admitting and attending on their patients. They are employed by the hospitals to nurse the sick back to heath.

In the nineteenth and the twentieth century’s medical science made remarkable progress and the cures for almost all the diseases were found. Both in the spheres of medicine and surgery the prolonged researches were rewarded with epoch-making achievements.

The dedicated teams of doctors and nurses delivers the message of hope to their patients in the hospitals. All over the world, hospitals are built to treat and cure thousands of the sick patients. As these hospitals, there are very well-equipped facilities and expert doctors. These hospitals are considered the best places for effective treatment.

The doctors and nurses works effortlessly in doing their duties to the patients. The atmosphere in the hospitals should be pleasant so the the patient can feel comfortable.

However, some hospital doesn’t provide the expected service to it’s patients. They neglect their duties toward the patients. This should not happen. The doctors should always treats their patients with utmost care, considering their lives very precious.