Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching Movies

With the introduction of technology and its speedy growth, the flair for watching movies also grows. With many nations setting the pace in filmmaking and movie production, high definition movies have been produced with big names making appearances to thrill the audience. Youths no doubt constitute the major percentage of people who watch movies across the globe either from the Television screen, their personal computers or mobile phones. With the much attention we pay to movies, it is very important we know what advantages of watching movies can be to us, and how disadvantageous it can be as well.

Advantages of Watching Movies

Knowing the advantages of watching movies helps you understand what you stand to benefit from the many hours you dedicate to seeing a movie or several movies. Some of these advantages include:

Watching movies just like reading books is one of the few ways to have an idea of life’s bigger picture. Movies are written in such a way as to expose or appreciate specific dimensions of life. Watching movies can be very helpful to make one versatile about different things in life.

Movies being a leisure activity are an excellent way to relax the body and also entertain yourself as well. Movies help takes you from your present state of mind to some other state of mind filled with all sorts of fun. The best fun you make by watching movies has to watch them in a cinema, and it’s so entertaining.

Watching movies also helps in learning basic life lessons like teamwork, commitment and consistency. Being a collective work, watching movies teaches us how collective effort can always result in long-lasting success.

Watching movies also helps us in appreciating and understanding diversity in culture, traditions and religions of various people and places.

Disadvantages of Watching Movies

Everything that has an advantage always has its disadvantages as well. Some of the disadvantages of watching movies include:

The violence movies showcase has a way of conditioning movie addict’s especially young children in their teenage years. This is on the increase in recent times because in a bit to increase productivity more and more movie directors seem to be coming up with movies that have violent themes or storyline.

Watching movies sometimes send the wrong messages to individuals as some circumstances and happenings are usually overrated or occasionally underrated in movies. It’s rare to find movies that don’t propagate some sentiments or the other because one aspect of society is always appreciated or downplayed at the expense of the other.

Watching movies a lot results in addiction. Many people who get to watch many movies become so addicted to it that they so many times abandon their primary assignments to watch a movie, or keep up with one.


As earlier said, everything in life always comes with its good and bad side. This is not entirely to discredit watching movies; instead this article aims at creating a balance between loving movies and being careful as well. As much as watching movies can be beneficial to several extents, it should be limited else the same movie that can be beneficial to you, can also be harmful in several other ways too.

By Jay Kuch.