Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a City

It is known to many that the cities are more populated than the villages, and that daily people move from the villages to the city. Why is this? Is it that the cities are better than the villages or that people prefer to go to the cities? Whatever it is that might be behind it; we will find out by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of living in a city.

Advantages of Living in a City

  1. Things are easier to reach and do in the big city. Things like shopping can be done online and directly delivered to your
    doorsteps, and you pay them there. This is better as opposed to having to walk, take a bus or even drive to anywhere you want to get something because delivery does not happen in villages. Also, people who live in the villages are in some way cut out from the rest of the world because most commodities are launched in the cities first, and they get it first.
  2. A city has more job opportunities and better-paying salaries this is something not readily available in the villages. This is because most multi-million dollars corporations which are willing to pay such huge amounts as salary is located in the cities and are far away from the villages. Also, the city has more of the locations suitable for setting up a factory and gets the target audience.
  3. A city offers better education and living there can give you access to it. Most of the world’s renowned educational institutions such as Harvard Oxford are located in cities and as such only those living there can have access to it readily.
  4. There is a higher social life, and of course, there is never a dull moment because of the so many places located in the cities for socialization. This means that free time can be spent doing various things that one loves.
  5. A city is a prominent place, and there is always somewhere new to go and explore, this also means that there is never a dull moment and fun is never far away.
  6. The city also offers the best healthcare anywhere in the world. Health is wealth, and it is pertinent that we take excellent care of ourselves and to live a long and fruitful life.

Disadvantages of Living in a city

A city in as much as we would love to shower it with praises has its disadvantages. Some of them are.

  1. Higher crime rates, due to all the facilities that the cities have, and the number of people who flock there from the villages every day, the cost of living is very high, and not everyone can keep up with it, and this pushes them to the life of crime.
  2. Pollution in the cities is very high because most of the trees have been sacrificed for houses and almost all the factories are located there. This pollutes not just the air but the food they eat and water them drink in the cities, exposing them to several diseases.


It is clear from the above that to live in the city has its pros and cons; it is now up to you to
choose and follow your choice.

By Jay kuch.