Essay on on Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism

In actual sense, Tourism is travelling for business purpose or for pleasure. Tourism is a very important sector in every developing country. It serves as a constructive means of opening up a country, and its citizens to speedy growth and development. Through tourism, a country can appreciate the strength and weaknesses of other nations, find out what makes great places great, and enjoy all the fun and experience that comes with traveling. It also helps to boost a country’s economy by being a source of revenue to a country. However good tourism is, it has a collateral beauty in that it comes with its advantages as well as its disadvantages. This article, we will analyze the advantages as well as the disadvantages of tourism both to the individuals as well as the nation as a whole.

Advantages of Tourism

  1. Tourism asides from being able to enhance growth and development in a country can also be beneficial to individuals. Of the many benefits of tourism, here are a few:
  2. The tourism industry of every nation opens up the people of such nation to numerous employment opportunities. To cater for the many needs of tourists, the industry always herdsmen more hands on deck and as such employs people to take care of such requirements. This develops the human capital of such nation which results in high productivity and an improved standard of living
  3. Tourism also helps in bringing about economic growth to a country through the many foreign exchange earnings that tourism attracts to the country. This earning has an overall effect on the gross domestic product of the nation.
  4. Tourism also serves as a means of recreation. In this sense, it provides relief to individuals who get all busy with keeping up with daily work and family life. Through tourism, tourists can appreciate the beauty of nature and the fun of various destinations.

Disadvantages of Tourism

As much as tourism is advantages to both an individual and the nation, it also comes with its disadvantages as well. Some of the advantages include:

  1. The high cost of tourism is about one of its greatest disadvantages. Tourists have to plan a costly budget to cover accommodation, feeding, car hire and other costs that come with it.
  2. Traveling sometimes can be lengthy and stressful which sometimes have adverse effects on the health and vitality of tourists.
  3. Tourism also sometimes leads to increase in population. This increasing population then begins to bring about competition for scarce basic resources of a nation. The indigenous people of the country are sometimes on the losing end of this as more premiums are always being placed on tourists.
  4. Tourism also brings about cultural intimidation. Cultural intimidation in the sense that natives begin to compare their cultural orientations without that of visiting tourists and many time feel intimidated by them.


As much as tourism can be advantageous to both individuals and the nation as a whole, it also comes with its disadvantages for both parties as well. However, this is not enough to sway a country from investing in tourism. All that is needed is the conscious management of the disadvantages.

By Jay Kuch.