Essay on Tree Plantation: Meaning and Advantages

Trees play a major role in beautifying an environment; serving as raw material for several end products, and providing shades among others. With the many benefits that come with having trees around, it becomes crystal clear that more needs to be done than just preserving trees. More trees need to be planted. At this point, the question that comes to mind is why do more trees need to be planted?

Before we go on to know why more trees need to be planted by outlining some of the major benefits of tree plantation, let’s us first have a quick understanding of what tree plantation is.

What Is Tree Plantation? – Meaning

Tree plantation can simply be referred to as the process of planting more trees in strategic locations and for specific purposes. This process provides only mere planting of trees, but it also involves the continuous maintenance and sustenance of trees planted to maximize the benefits that come with tree plantation. The roles played by trees in our lives and living can’t be ignored. Tree plantation enhances our health as many trees have served as herbal means to cure certain sicknesses. It also provides several environmental and economic benefits to individuals and the society at large. We are at a time when tree plantation is essential to human life as it allows for the necessary resources needed for human survival.

Advantages of Tree Plantation

The advantages of tree plantation are so numerous to measure as trees directly or indirectly, This play a significant role in our lives. However, here are the considerable advantages of tree plantation.

  1. Trees enhance healthy breath. Trees have the abilities to absorb pollutant gases, helps in purifying the air we breathe and are surrounded by. A purified atmosphere serves as the basis for advanced sustained life as it provides an atmosphere to inhale fresh air. Trees serve and remain the only source of oxygen available for the sustenance of life.
  2. Tree plantation also helps in checking some natural disaster like erosion. It also serves as a windbreaker and such a proper building technique to help prevent houses from the menace of high wind and also shields individuals from the harmful rays of the sun.
  3. Tree plantation is also a constructive way to provide a nation with vibrant and nutrient-filled food to enhance the sustenance of individual and animal life. Trees planted to provide a variety of foods from tubers, fresh fruits, to foods reach in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.
  4. Tree plantation affirmed by the field of medicine has helped provide cure to several sicknesses and diseases that have long hunted human lives for a long time. From trees, herbal medicine has been developed to help save individuals from the high cost of modern health services provided for by hospitals.


Tree plantation no doubt remains very important in human development. Trees do not just sustain our existence. They also help in beautifying our lives. This is why more and more trees need to be planted to help save more lives, conserve more energy, reduce global warming, and provides more natural sight that makes living fun.

By Jay Kuch