Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Internet has become the answer to every question in this modern age and time. On each stumbling block we face, ask internet is the most appropriate answer.

We sought for meaning and definition on life itself on internet. It provides solutions to human life and predicaments for example in terms of information and technology. But what if the meaning and information gotten is after all a two way lane.

Whilst it is such an exemplary thing to have a reliable source of information, sometimes the information provided may not be as reliable.

And sometimes, we may twist the outcome to suit our preference. At the end of the day it is not entirely our fault as it is not the internets all the same.

The use of the internet has various impacts to the entire aspects of the human life that range from social, economic, political as well as historical.

As much as internet makes life easy, there are some factors we should beware of. Some of the disadvantages and advantages of internet and the use of internet have been listed below:

Advantages of internet

  1. It has enabled worldwide virtual communication
  2. Provision of means of entertainment
  3. Communication is made easy to various individual and groups in minimum of times.
  4. It has led to the expansion of businesses through proper communication
  5. It has made shopping and marketing easy
  6. People are able to chat face to face while far away but in real time
  7. It has enabled easy global friendship formation
  8. Provides materials and resources for studying
  9. Allows easy communication and sharing of information
  10. Has enabled students get handy material for their class assignments.
  11. One advantage of the internet is increased productivity due to an ease of communication in organizations.
  12. The internet has enabled business automation application and reduced the need for heavy human presence in an organization.
  13. Has enabled timely access to money between individuals. Online payment is accessible and fast across the globe.
  14. Businesses no longer have to worry about storing data since they can do so through cloud storage which is also safe.
  15. It has improved customer care services.

Disadvantages of internet

  1. Leads to negligence of prioritized duties.
  2. It makes theft, manipulation and misuse of information.
  3. Lose of interpersonal communications especially among children.
  4. The encouraged anonymity has led to increased levels of people taking advantage of others.
  5. It discourages physical activities which may lead to lifestyle diseases.
  6. Leads to an increase in social alienation.
  7. The internet has led to new crimes such as cyber-crimes which were no longer there.
  8. More and younger are people are suffering from internet addiction disorders.
  9. It has increased laziness in students who can access anything on the internet hence no need to work hard.
  10. The internet may turn some people into shop alcoholics due to the allure of online shopping.
  11. Online bullying has led to some people committing suicide.
  12. The internet has exposed young children to pedophile who prey them online.
  13. Physical illnesses such as neck and back pain have been on the rise due to spending too much online.
  14. Too much exposure to the internet can affect ones focus and patience.


Internet is great. But it only serves its purpose if it is used in the right way and at the at the right time. Children, especially young ones are to be monitored and us adults, we ought to be responsible and perfect examples.

By Christopher.