Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Mass Media

In this modernized world, it is justified to state that the world revolved around mass media. With the kind of the life we are living and the kind of pressure we are in today in terms of technological demands, we tend to have a growing need to reach more number of people.

As humans, there is always a need to stay connected with one another in one way another. There are various ways in which we sought each other for. These ways could be denoted in terms of economic, social and even political purposes or approaches.

Economically, mass media is used for marketing and to grow the world of business. When it comes to the social requirements of our life, we need to familiarize ourselves with our to be friends and forever strangers, the world is a small village.

Besides that, mass media makes politics a worldwide or national concern by bringing to our knowledge of the political scenes and happenings.

The meaning of mass media is embedded in what it does for the people who use it. Mass media makes life easy and fun.

Advantages of mass media

  1. It is used for to make education easy.
  2. It enables faster transfer of news and information regardless of distance
  3. Mass media enables the sharing of various talents from diverse individuals
  4. Mass media provides programs that aid in the education of smaller children
  5. Through mass media, consumer products are able to be promoted which in turn will increase the sales
  6. The use of television makes duplication of information possible in a way that reduces production costs which promotes mass education.
  7. Mass media promotes the diffusion of diverse culture and historical heritage and helps different people embrace their diversity

Disadvantages of mass media

  1. It leads to poor interpersonal and social skills thus promoting individualism.
  2. Mass media makes limitation of information made available for children hard as some contents are not children friendly.
  3. When it comes to print mass media, it is limited to geographical areas.
  4. The increased number of adverts when it comes to television and radio has made them loss their value.
  5. The addiction that comes with media can lead to decreased levels of productivity in people.
  6. There are health risks involved in the use of mass media. The prolonged use of television, phones and computers can lead to deteriorated eye sight.
  7. Mass media can promote the use of drugs and alcohol by making them appear okay.
  8. The use of anonymous accounts can foster the destruction of someone’s reputation.


We live in a world that is controlled by technology. Technology tends to subject functioning to solving human needs and a wider field of it is information.

There is a growing need for the need for reliable source of information. This is where mass media comes into the picture.

Mass media has made the world a better place, but at the same time we can’t overlook the downward side that comes with mass media. It is up to the user to determine the healthy limits of using mass media.