Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Science and Technology

Simply put, science is the study of nature and behavior of natural things. Technology on the other hand is the application of scientific information into practical use with an aim to improve human life

Advantages of Science and Technology

  1. Science and technology has made our lives easy and comfortable.
  2. It has also eased communication making it faster and affordable
  3. Technology has enabled transport become affordable and fast.
  4. Another advantage of science and technology is that it has largely improved living standards.
  5. Things which were previously considered impossible have now become possible.
  6. Human beings have advanced as a result of science and technology.
  7. Allows for a fair sharing of a country’s resources.
  8. Improved treatment of all diseases whether hereditary, idiopathic or communicable diseases.
  9. Has opened a lot of job opportunities.
  10. Has provided an objective understanding of the universe.
  11. An immense well of information, anything question you may have has already been answered on the internet.
  12. Has saved human beings a lot of time which can be put into better use.
  13. Technology has helped in combating infectious factors.
  14. It has helped in maintaining consistency in given perceptions.

Disadvantages of Science and Technology

  1. Technology has been misused and used in destructive for destructive gains.
  2. Increase in the number of illegal things that man can do.
  3. It has been used negatively by terrorists to do their destructive works.
  4. Technological advancements like phones and I-pods have negatively affected some children.
  5. Vibrations of mobile phones have been associated with some ailments like brain disease and heart diseases.
  6. Things like nuclear energy have also been harmful to the environment also.
  7. Modern technology has led to a sharp decrease in natural beauty.
  8. Atomic bombs and atomic energy have been associated with causing harmful disease such as skin diseases among others.
  9. Technology has led to a reduction of jobs since most jobs can be performed by automated machines.
  10. It has been attributed to laziness since humans no longer need to work extra hard.
  11. Introduction of technology has led to a need to create new laws and rules to regulate technology.
  12. Technology has badly affected creativity and innovation since almost everything is available on the internet nowadays.
  13. It has also eroded social integration where most people would rather spend hours on their gadgets other than have interactions.
  14. Technology has led to many people feeling lost ad lonely.
  15. It has led to overdependence on gadgets with some individuals being unable to function normally without their phones.


Science and Technology has greatly improved our lives and made it better. We have seen improvements in the health sector which has saved millions of lives.

However, when left unregulated, technology can cause us more harm than good. This is one of the reasons why laws and regulations to regulate the use of technology are necessary.

By Christopher.