Essay on Hydro Power: Meaning, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Meaning of Hydro Power

Hydro Power Hydro power is a power which is produced by the energy of water which is falling from a height or water that is running very fast.

Advantages of hydro power.

  1. In the production of hydro power there is no air pollution.
  2. It can be used domestically thereby not always relying on international fuel sources.
  3. It relies on water cycle, hence making it very affordable.
  4. It helps in controlling floods.
  5. Sustainable fuel source.
  6. Economical since the amount of money needed to operate and maintain dam is little.
  7. Renewable.
  8. Flexible. Adjusting both water flow and output electricity is easy.
  9. Hydroelectricity is must safer compared to other fuel fossils and nuclear energy
  10. Irrigation.
  11. Creation of dams is not easy, however, when established, it i very easy to divert flow of water from one place to another or store water for usage when there is water scarcity.
  12. Tourism and recreation center. E.g Fishing, Boating and Swimming.
  13. Supply of water.
  14. All hydro power stations are required to allow people to visit reservoirs.
  15. They provide backup power when there is power disruptions or outages.

Disadvantages of hydro power.

  1. Cost of constructing power plants is generally very high.
  2. It has environmental effects because it interferes with nature due to damming of water and changing water flow.
  3. Displacement of people.
  4. During breeding, several species of fish are forced to swim against the water stream since the dams create hindrances in their paths.
  5. Places to construct dams are limited.
  6. Affects the quality of water and control.
  7. When new dams are constructed they affect environment locally andthere might be a competition with other uses of land.
  8. Limited number of reservoirs.
  9. Plants that usually decay in an anaerobic environment due to the floods caused by dams results in production of greenhouse gas and methane.
  10. Construction of hydro power dams is set up at the cost of moving the population of the site of the reservoirs.
  11. Aquatic Eco-system is highly affected.
  12. In places where people depend on hydro power only may face major issues when there is water scarcity.

Rosalid Kanana.