Essay on Science and Technology

Science and Technology have transformed the world we live in. one cannot imagine a life without the advancements that it has provided in day to day life of today’s Human population. Science is the systematic study of principles and processes that run both life and interactions between non-living forms in the universe. Technology is that implementation of science by which man intends to make his life easier and more efficient.

Science and Technology have had a profound influence not only the way of life but also the thought processes and expectation of human beings in the current era. Below is a short list of advantages and disadvantages of science and technology

Positive Effects

  1. Mechanization: One of the most profound influences of Science and Technology can be seen in the way human beings go about doing their work. It is no exaggeration to state that, in today’s world everything is done by using machines. Machines are the reason for life being at such a fast pace as today. Right from one of the first inventions – the Wheel, every implementation of science and Technology has transformed the human life like it could never go back.
  2. Social Impact: Science and Technology have contributed to a great improvement in social cognizance and the way people interact with each other. With speed and real-time accessibility between different types of people and civilizations, a greater understanding of different cultures and way of life has been achieved with the help of science and Technology.
  3. Intellectual progress: Science and Technology have opened ways for human beings to understand the surrounds much better and faster with every invention. The interaction between different animals, plants, and non-living forms is better understood leading to better quality of life for all living forms on earth.

Negative effects

  1. Vulnerable to Irresponsible Use: One of the biggest drawbacks of Science and Technology that are plaguing the world today is its irresponsible usage. From fossil fuels to nuclear weapons, many of its contributions have been used to impact life on earth negatively.
  2. Overdependency: The ease that Science and technology have created in dealing with almost every task has introduced overdependency on its tools. For example, one cannot imagine a few days without electric lighting. It makes man helpless in absence of those tools created with the help of science and technology.
  3. Privacy issues: Today’s world is more interconnected and in a way inseparable from one entity to another. This has caused privacy issues and most of the time people do not have control over where and how the intricate data is stored and accessed.
  4. Health Impacts: Several interventions of science and technology, like chemicals etc., have introduced several alien substances into the human body and the environment that the life on earth depends on. These substances in most cases have become so much indestructible in the nature that several species have become extinct and several more have modified themselves at a genetic level.
  5. A threat to Sustainability: Scientists and Social works are equally worried about the sustainable use of technology as mankind has now realized that they have driven use of science and technology too far enough that its permanent changes are visible. There is growing fear about the sustainability of life in future generations.


Science and Technology, while has transformed the way we live and think, greater responsibility and care needs to be taken by all the stakeholders, including the scientists and the general public to make its net output positive. A technology implemented for short-term benefits that caused widespread and long-term deterioration of human life should be discouraged for the benefit of future generations.

By Jay Kuch